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Maple "Measures" Success

Teaching and learning math is no easy task. Getting students interested in math can be even harder. Jennifer Robinson knows this all too well. Instead of sitting idly by developing boring textbook lesson plans, Ms. Robinson breaks the mold in her classroom. She understands that by engaging students in hands on activities, she can promote both learning and fun which leads to better student outcomes. When it comes to measuring success, Ms. Robinson exceeds all expectations for Maple students.
Yesterday, Ms. Robinson set up fun and informative work stations throughout her classroom for students to learn different mathematical concepts. Students used the place value chart and metric measurements to compare decimals and write comparison sentences. This lesson was an introduction to comparing decimals where students were able to explore various forms of metric measurement at the concrete level.  Students used meter sticks to represent length and practiced shading in the amount on a tape diagram recognizing that  0.37 meter is 3 tenths plus 7 hundredths of a meter. Students used rice and scales to represent mass/weight, and graduated cylinders and colored water to represent volume.  Students could visually see the amounts of two numbers and make comparisons between two decimal numbers.  Students then worked on writing comparison sentences using comparison words. 
The most fun and engaging of all the stations was the DECIMAL WAR. This interactive card game taught students how to identify decimals while competing against one another.  Each student flipped a card over and the student whose card had the greater amount won both cards. This game reinforced place value understanding.
Ms. Robinson is an incredible teacher, role model, and representative of Painesville City Schools. We are so fortunate to have her at Maple and with the district. We love you and thank you for all the work you do to foster the success of our students!